Canadian Fellowship of Baden-Powell Guilds

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For Information about the Ontario Fellowship
Bill Gibson Guildmaster Ontario Fellowship

Ontario Fellowship Executive have announced the date of the 2015 Annual General Meeting as October 31/15 At Blue Springs Scout Reserve!.

During the 2015 Ontario Gilwell Reunion Russ Kelk Ontario Gildmaster setup a display to explain the Guilds to other Scouters attending Reunion.

When the Ontario Fellowship of Baden-Powell Guilds heard that there would be a Market Fair held on Saturday afternoon of the Ontario Gilwell Reunion, we applied to have a booth to recruit possible new members for the Ontario Guilds. Prior to Reunion, the executive talked about what would be needed at the display. We placed a blue cloth over the picnic table and displayed the National Guild pamphlets, copies of Mamook Papah, individual membership applications and the contact names that we had for all the Baden-Powell Guilds in Ontario. Our National Fellowship flag was flying behind the table. The display was manned by Gary Mitchell, Dave McWha and Russ Kelk who are members of our Ontario executive.


During the afternoon we chatted with many prospective and current members of Baden-Powell Guilds. We gave information to all those enquiring about what our Guilds are doing currently, as well as how a Guild can help their local Guide and Scout groups in their home areas and councils. It was a great day sharing fellowship with a lot of Scouters and former Guiders who received information on who we are and what we do!


While at Gilwell Reunion, information about the Ontario Fellowship Annual General Meeting was also placed in the mail box of each Contingent, who were located in both Ebor Park and Whiskin Fields This information had previously sent out by the secretary of the Ontario Fellowship to all Ontario Guilds by e-mail.


In Fellowship

Russ Kelk

Ontario Guildmaster


Arnold Smith 7th Guild is presented his Bar to the Silver Acorn by Sarah Smith DRC Recognition

Don Judd 7th Guild present his Bar to the Silver Acorn from Sarah Smith DRC Recognition