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Ontario Fellowship Executive remind Baden-Powell Guild members that its Triennial General Meeting will occur at Blue Springs Scout Reserve in the Fall in 2021, hosted by the 81st Baden-Powell Guild. Date to be announced later.


During the 2018 Ontario Gilwell Reunion Susan Little, Ontario Gildmaster setup a display to explain the Guilds to other Scouters attending Reunion.

Following the strong tradition set by Russ Kelk, the Ontario Fellowship of Baden-Powell Guilds used the opportunity with many keen Scouters to promote Ontario Guilds by setting up a booth at its Market Fair, Saturday afternoon. Our goal to recruit possible new members for Guilds turned out to be more informational than persuasive but it was a valuable event, nonetheless.  We had our National Fellowship flag flying proudly at our tent’s corner. Inside, on picnic tables, we offered free copies of the recent Mamook Papah and brochures about the Canadian Fellowship of B.P. Guilds. A friendly greeting met several prospective and current members of Baden-Powell Guilds. We shared ideas which different B.P. Guilds use to engage and serve their Scouting and Guiding communities, and we learned a good deal of what else is going on among them to help their programming.  We encouraged people to find out more about existing Baden-Powell Guilds nearby and how they can help their local Guide and Scout groups in their home areas and councils.


During the earlier part of the Saturday, each Contingent located in Ebor Park or Whiskin Field received in their mailbox a notice of the Annual General Meeting to be held in the Fall. This information had already been sent to all Ontario Guilds by email but we wanted to reinforce the message and encourage Scouters to visit our B.P.Guilds’ tent at the Market Fair.


Supported by Ontario Deputy Guildmaster, Bob Russell, and Linda Lyons, 73rd Baden-Powell Guild, we spent a busy afternoon. It was a worthwhile opportunity to share information and create enthusiasm for what we do and a great afternoon, all around!



In Fellowship

Susan Little

Ontario Guildmaster



For Information about the Ontario Fellowship

Susan Little Guildmaster Ontario Fellowship

Email the Ontario Guildmaster



Don Judd 7th Guild present his Bar to the Silver Acorn from Sarah Smith DRC Recognition

Arnold Smith 7th Guild is presented his Bar to the Silver Acorn by Sarah Smith DRC Recognition