Canadian Fellowship of Baden-Powell Guilds

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The Canadian Fellowship of B P Guilds
Marica McInnis
National/International Secretary

August 18, 2019

Notice of Triennial Meeting

To: Provincial Representatives:

The Triennial Meeting of the Canadian Fellowship of Baden-Powell Guilds will be held October 19th , 2019 at Le Nouvel Hotel, Montreal

The business of this meeting shall include:

a) Reports of the Executive Committee including the approval of the Financial Reports of the Canadian Fellowship.
b) Any Resolutions received by the National Secretary

c) Installation   Executive Committee and the Directors of the Society Act, two of which will be Provincial Representatives.

The voting members at this meeting are the members of the Executive Council, which is comprised of the current Executive Committee and the Provincial Representative (one) from each Province. Those Provincial Representatives unable to attend because of distance and cost, we will have conference call available to include them in the meeting.

Sincerely Yours in Fellowship

Marica McInnis
National Secretary

Attached: Proposed Amendments to the Proposed Constitution and Bylaws