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Gladys Hall


On Wednesday, October 23, 2019, at the age of 80, Gladys Hall passed away peacefully.  Gladys was a founding member of the 7th BP Guild (Bytown) and had 38 years of service with the Guild.  She was the 7th BP Guild’s Past Guildmaster.


Gladys started the Beaver Colony in Chelsea in 1976. She was involved in the Colony until 1990.  During her 14 years of involvement she organized many outdoor outings for the Colony and Beaver camps at Camp Fortune. During this time, she completed her Woodbadge Part I Colony in 1976 and her Woodbadge Part II Colony in 1980.


In the 1990’s, Gladys volunteered for the travelling Scout Museum and would take displays to Scouters Conferences on behalf of the Scout Museum. 


Gladys has been actively involved with the 7th BP Guild for the last 38 years.  She has been secretary for the Guild and Guildmaster for three terms.  As well, Gladys looked after catering for the 7th BP Guild and provided social snacks for the monthly Guild meetings.


Gladys attended CJ’89 in PEI as an Offer of Service.  Gladys received her 40 years of Scouting service pin and Bar to the Medal of Merit in 2018. Even when Gladys was dealing with her daughters’ major illness, she continued her dedication and support of Scouting.  


Gladys will be missed by the 7th BP Guild as a true example of living the Scouting spirit, a role model and inspiration to the Scouting community.



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